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The Name

The name "Mechabond Fans" is a subtle nod to one of my favorite sites on the old web. No longer operational, Soyokaze Fans was a website to import fansubbed VHS tapes of anime that hadn't been licensed for an english translation yet. Majority of properties at the time were never going to see an english release. You can still check out the site completely intact as it was in 2003 when it was finally abandoned.

"Mechabond" itself is a nod to the last personal website I created in 2006, which was giant robot themed, and the term "vagabond" because I live full time as a nomad in a sprinter van.


Some of the fondest memories I have about the internet are from the 90s and early 2000s making personal and fan websites. I want to relive that and also pass on the spirit to the newer generation that didn't really get to experience it. Hopefully I'll spark someone's imagination!


Version 1.0 Kame Cruise

Featuring artwork by Akira Toriyama from the manga Dragon Ball. Coded by me using Dreamweaver and graphics made in Adobe Photoshop.