Year Title Chinese title Role
1941 Golden Gate Girl 金門女
1946 The Birth of Mankind 人类的诞生
1948 Wealth is Like a Dream 富貴浮雲
1949 Sai See in the Dream 夢裡西施 Yam Lee
1950 The Kid 細路祥 Kid Cheung
1951 Infancy 人之初 Ngau
1953 A Myriad Homes 千萬人家
Blame it on Father 父之過
The Guiding Light 苦海明燈 Son as teenager
A Mother's Tears 慈母淚
In the Face of Demolition 危樓春曉
1955 An Orphan's Tragedy 孤星血淚 Frank Wong (child)
Orphan's Song 孤兒行
Love Part 2 愛(下集)
We Owe It to Our Children 兒女債
1956 The Wise Guys Who Fool Around 詐痲納福
Too Late For Divorce 早知當初我唔嫁
1957 The Thunderstorm 雷雨 Chow Chung
1960 The Orphan 人海孤鴻 Sam
1968 The Wrecking Crew 風流特務勇破迷魂陣 Action director
1969 Marlowe 醜聞喋血 Winslow Wong
action director
1970 A Walk in the Spring Rain 春雨漫步 Action Director
1971 The Big Boss
a.k.a Fists of Fury
唐山大兄 Cheng Chao-an
Action director
1972 Fist of Fury
a.k.a The Chinese Connection
精武門 Chen Zhen
Action Director
Way of the Dragon 猛龍過江 Tang Lung
Action Director

Released After Death

Year Title Chinese title Role
1973 Enter the Dragon 龍爭虎鬥 Mr. Lee
Action Director
1974 The Green Hornet 青蜂侠 Kato
1978 Game of Death 死亡遊戲 Billy Lo
Circle of Iron
a.k.a The Silent Flute
1981 Game of Death II
a.k.a Tower of Death
死亡塔 Billy Lo / Lee Chen Chiang