Why Bruce Lee?

Ever since I was little I loved Kung Fu films. The first one that stuck in my head was Enter the Dragon, starring Bruce Lee. It was not only the film that launched the Kung Fu craze in the West, but it was also the last film he ever made. The raw intensity he showed in that film stuck with me and as an adult, I delved deeper into the genre with a new appreciation.

The more I looked into Bruce, the more I realized there was a reason he became a legend and not just because of his films. He was a writer, director, martial arts master, philospher, father, and the creator of his own martial arts philosophy that is still commonly taught and practiced today.

Overall, Bruce was just a really cool guy and I think younger generations deserve to know more about him so he isn't forgotten to time.

What's the Name?

One of Bruce Lee's signature moves was called the "one-inch punch" that he learned from his training the art of Wing Chun, then improved it, and showed off just how much control and power he had.

Here is a video on the One-Inch Punch

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